Bulls Eye Chart :

Hi All,

Just sharing the bulls Eye chart.

Bulls Eye chart can be used to see weather parameter is in its desired range or not . I have created this chart by using Radar and PIE , hope you can make use of it ..

Click Here to Download the file 


Your Comment and suggestion are welcome!!

See more recent version of bullseye chart , Bullseye chart – 2

Rajan verma


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Noah Dennis says:

    Hey Rajan,

    I have a couple quick questions about this graph, are you available for a quick chat?

  2. AJ says:

    Link is invalid

  3. William Doring says:

    Your link appears to be deleted now, do you have an updated link by chance?

    1. Rajan Verma says:

      yeah that got expired somehow, i can send you on your email if you want.

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